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About Olog the Ogre

And this Blog

Husband, Father, and English Bulldog Owner

Undergraduate, Colorado Technical University, Applied Science/Electrical Engineering

Army Veteran, 13B10 Artilleryman, 2001-2005

VOSB Cottonwood Creek Painting

Conservative, Scientist, Engineer, Writer, Gold Prospector, House Painter, Ancient Astronaut Theorist...

I have always enjoyed writing, along with intelligent, informed written discussion concerning just about anything of legitimate creative or intellectual topic's. Politics', religion, witchcraft, space exploration, scientific knowledge, mathematics, sacred geometry, cars/trucks, cooking, dogs, horses, gold prospecting... did I say that twice? The only topics off the table is porn, sex if it doesn't relate to intelligent conversation, and the leftist socialist agenda. 

With massive censorship through the mega-tech companies and the recent "Cancel Culture", this is a 'safe zone', for the most part. Act civil and we will all get along just fine. 

This image was taken on top of Mount Ontero, Chaffee County Colorado. The only known site for Aquamarine Quartz Crystals in the world. This mountain is 35 miles from our home, in Southern Colorado. "Now THIS is Colorado"

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