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Olog the Ogre

Meanderings of a damaged mind

This blog may, and more than likely will, cover a wide range of subjects from Gold Prospecting, to Current Politics, to Humor, to Ancient Astronaut Theory, to new Scientific Exploration and Discovery, very little is off the plate. Travel, Faith, D.I.Y., Paganism, Christianity, cars, trucks and bikes, nature, and sometimes, just a rant. 

We are interactive. We like discussing things, even arguing over them. Thus this blog also has a public Forum, called Ogre's Tavern, which the link is at the top of the page, for everyone to interact, argue, agree or disagree, or suggest their own idea's. Like the Lunar Society of America's Forefathers, discussion is how different idea's are brought together. 

Within the Forum is a Recommended Reading List. It is the material that I use as reference in any given post. I update it as I read new information. The list is long, and it took me years to read them all, so we don't expect anyone to actually read all of it. The purpose is to show that I never look at any given subject from just one perspective. Not to brag, but the effort I have put forth in the understanding the Human Condition is considerable. A lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and Universal understanding in terms of modern humans. If your interested in my actual background, take a look at the "About" page. 

And the final, big reason we wanted to develop our own blog is to gain popularity, for the single minded purpose of allowing me to write for a living versus climbing ladders all day painting houses. The Ogre family is getting older, I am a Disabled Veteran, and the work is, in a word, unreal. I've fallen off so many ladders, my hands hardly work anymore, and my knees are shot. SO... if you like and support my writing, please share. 

Universal Blessings,

Olog the Ogre

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