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Boulder Shooting

Another Colorado shooting. Another tragedy by all accounts. 10 civilians dead, ranging from ages 21-65, mostly female, and one 51 year old police officer, father of seven.

Identified suspect, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, with previous acts of violence on his record, seemingly, by random circumstance, walked into a King Sooper and targeted people in his way. According to witnesses, it was not a "spray and pray" type shooting, but rather, a targeted effort with a high powered weapon... a semi-auto rifle.

Witnesses scrambled to hide from the shooter and waited for police to show up. 40 minutes later and over 50 shots fired, the SWAT managed to make it on scene.

In the meanwhile, a first responder, a normal police officer, attempted to approach the suspect and got shot and killed. Then at some point, someone shot the suspect in the leg, and made the arrest.

Not to downplay the tragedy of the situation, but all of this just smells too funny for me NOT to think of fish.

1) No-one noticed a 21 year old carrying a semi-auto rifle into a place of business? I mean, not a single person in the parking couldn't figure out what was about to happen and at least call the police, if not ram into the person with their vehicle?

2) Everyone present ran and hid? Of all the young men that were witnesses and commented to the news, not a single one had the nad's to tackle the little guy? Al Awiwi is all of 5'0". He is a lone gunman, no-one was watching his back... I suppose today's young men place more value in their own existence than females and the elderly, whom they are suppose to protect. We have raised cowards. We are a nation of cowards.

3) What on God's Green Earth possessed a lone police officer to approach a gun-man who has already dropped civilians? Was he a Hero? Really? He basically committed suicide on the man's gun and left seven children fatherless.

4) NOW, the idiots in our government seem to think the answer is to control guns. In all my years of owning guns, semi-auto and otherwise, I have never, not once, seen a gun get up in it's cabinet, unlock the door, walk over to the ammo, load itself, and start killing people. Not once, ever.

The real point of the matter, and I despise Denverite's and their pansy way of having HUGE mouth's but no balls at all, but the only real solution, is to give people the ability to defend themselves. Not run and cower in fear. Gun control wont stop those who wish to do harm, it will only prevent the rest of us from defending ourselves.

All it took was ONE person with a handgun, either in the parking lot before it happened, or in the store when shots were fired, to prevent all this death. Same with the Aurora shooting. These gun-men would not be successful in their efforts if people would just suck it up and learn how to defend themselves.

Do you know why these gun-men didn't exist 60 years ago? They wouldn't get past the open door of their vehicle without a civic minded Veteran dropping them on the spot. The only reason they are successful is 1) the modern idea that we can rely on police to defend us, and 2) most Americans have the sense and manhood of a deer caught in headlights.

Controlling guns wont solve anything. All it will do is make the black market stronger, and violence like this will increase because people will lose the ability to defend themselves. Example: the constant terrorist attacks in Europe, because it's easier for the terrorist's when the population is unarmed and cannot defend themselves.

Are we aware of the fact that every single pacifist culture in the world has been destroyed? Do you want to know why? Because only the ultimately ignorant will refuse to defend themselves.

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