"Defend one's right in the pursuit... against all invaders, Domestic and Foreign"

Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicksibilla/2021/03/23/biden-administration-urges-supreme-court-to-let-cops-enter-homes-and-seize-guns-without-a-warrant/?sh=61efddc2829f

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear oral argument in Caniglia v. Strom, a case that could have sweeping consequences for policing, due process, and mental health, with the Biden Administration and attorneys general from nine states urging the High Court to uphold warrantless gun confiscation. But what would ultimately become a major Fourth Amendment case began with an elderly couple’s spat over a coffee mug.

Truth is, I would like to start every article with some whimsical throw back to my youth, or a story from American History, but sometimes, the issue at hand is so severe that I feel it would not do the issue at hand any justice.

This story, first seen by this author on a Facebook Buy/swap/trade page, hosted by Steven Adams, linked here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/632082303553386/?multi_permalinks=3820374638057454&notif_id=1616646105550237&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif , was posted by Forbes.com.

In essence, the issue that the Supreme Court will rule upon is if the Caretaker Act, enacted 50 years ago, which was designed to remove dangerous objects, mainly automobiles and tools, in the event that someone becomes emotionally compromised, is Constitutional in the case of weapons. In the circumstance that they will listen to in this particular case, an elderly couple got into a lengthy and involved argument where the man left his weapon on the kitchen table and told his wife to go ahead and put him out of their misery. The weapon was unloaded, and the man had not single event of mental health or violence in his entire life.

He eventually went for a drive to cool off, and in the process, the wife called the police concerned about his safety, but told the officers he was not suicidal, just angry. They confiscated all of his weapons regardless.

Now the Biden Administration and his goons from nine states want to support the law enforcement decision, despite a complete lack of training in psychology, and make it a priority for officers to remove any and all weapons on any call, at any house, at any time, without cause, and without a warrant.


I do not want to hear the laid-back rhetoric that it will never pass the Supreme Court. We know it more than likely will not, but that isn't the real issue.

With a known conservative like John G. Roberts as the Chief Supreme Justice, and 6 of the 9 Justices are conservative in their decisions, we are all grateful that Trump set this up before he left office. Justice Roberts has been noted on record, a few times, about the unconstitutional representation of "Presidential Orders", both in the previous administration and in this one. As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, Presidential Orders are followed only out of respect, not required by Law.

As well, I am very grateful I live in a rural region that is predominately conservative in view. While Northern Colorado is run by Democrats (spits), Southern Colorado is still in the hands of people with sense.

I am happy to quote Fremont County Sheriff (Colorado) regarding this is issue:

The Sheriff, and the Deputies of this office, swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This includes the 2nd and 4th Amendments within the Bill of Rights.

Further I reached out to Chaffee County Sheriff, John Spezze, and quote:

This violates several different amendments to the US Constitution and is illegal

I have yet to hear from other counties in the Arkansas River Valley Region, but I would not be surprised to receive a similar response.

So, all of that being said, what IS the real issue?

The real issue is the fact of who is holding the highest office in this Nation, and their "mission" to disarm Americans.

While China, the New World Power, has developed big balls made of steel since Biden took over. They are even telling us when they intend to fire missiles in our direction. Yet, not a single peep from the Whitehouse or Congress. Not a single fuck given about the existential threat that we now face from China. At least Trump kept some semblance of control over them, but not this office. It seems like they do not care if China invades.

Their main concern? Disarming Conservatives. Holding meetings with mega tech-monsters on how the occupation of the Capitol Building happened, and stationing active duty troops to protect the minority currently in the White House. Their single sole purpose: eliminate the Constitutional Republic that is America.

They may not win this fight, but for 47 years (ironically the same amount of time Biden has been in politics) they have been waging war against America. If left unchecked and put down, they will eventually win.

This is not the time for passive non-commentary. This is not the time to be lethargic to the issues this Nation faces. IF WE DO NOT STOP these communists, we will all be attempting to speak Chinese within 10 years. Mark my words.

I know many, many Liberals, Left Wingers and Democrats (spits) who would not understand why a Chinese rule would be so bad.

Mentioned in previous articles and I will repeat it here: The Chinese have absolutely no respect for Human Life except in the service of the Emperor. The Chinese have no problems putting pregnant women out to work in the rice patties. The Chinese have no problems exposing its citizens to toxic elements in the manufacture of goods sold world wide. The Chinese have no problem leaving the new born infant daughters in landfills to make room for male babies. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE about your creed, sex, religion, identity, nothing. They won't even feed you. You think you can hold on to your home and car under a Chinese rule? Think again.

And if you think they would rule us any "nicer" than they rule themselves, then the cancer known as ignorance has completely taken over your mind.

Yet, the only thing this administration has shown any motivation for at all, is disarming Americans.

As I said, we know this Supreme Court will shoot it down (hopefully), but that will not stop Democrats (spits) from continuing the fight, and finding more and more reasons for their cause, while America's enemies pound down our gates. There is feeble old man blood in the water, and the sharks smell an easy fat whale.

I really hope and pray that others see the threat we face, and takes it as seriously as this author.

~Olog the Ogre

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