"Grandpa, tell me about the good old days..."

The title of this article is from a Judd's song. Most younger people wouldn't know who the Judd's are, and would probably assume it was some joke about boobs. But no, the Judd's were a mother and daughter country duet. They were pretty good. And they were wholesome; you would never catch these two grinding on each other during the Country Music Awards. They would have never been accepted into the County Music Hall of Fame, if they had.

One of the great things about this nation when I grew up? Dad always rolled with a hunting rifle in the back window of his old Ford pickup truck. Amazing how mass shootings just didn't happen back then.

Hmm, I wonder why...

Could it be that with the knowledge that just about everyone owned and carried a gun prevented other, disturbed people, from just whipping out an semi-automatic weapon and opening fire? Perhaps they were fearful for their own lives? Perhaps. Or maybe people just didn't act like this back then? No... we had our fair share of "Ted Bundy's", just mass murder's of our day were scared of the punishment that would bestowed upon them by the general population if it knew what they were up too.

See, to be a mass murderer twenty to thirty to forty years ago was hard work. The individual had to be more than simply "unsettled". They had to be dedicated to their task, or art in some cases. They weren't just an idiot with a gun, no, because every idiot owned a gun. They had to be smart, crafty, and completely dedicated to the task. Otherwise, very simply, they wouldn't have gotten away with it. Some civic minded person would have dropped them on a dime, without hesitation or doubt.

Kinda like when we used to hang horse thieves... thus stealing horses was a very rare occurrence. Just an observation.

But in today's society, where everyone is just too much of a coward to defend themselves, we have mass shootings. Not mass murder, but "shootings". I think it is a representation of the thick headed laziness that is rampant in today's generations. Even the murderer's are lazy.

Which of course brings us to the latest in successful mass shootings, the King Sooper murders that recently occurred in Boulder, Colorado, where 10 people, women and elderly, lost their lives. And one dumb flatfoot.

According to The Denver Post, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, who is called a "suspect" in these shootings, but was obviously the gun-man, is a 21 year old Muslim with a background in hate crime... specifically hate crimes against Caucasian's.

I have read almost all the news reports concerning this, even CNN. And for me to tune into CNN... Mrs. Ogre thought the world was ending. But no, I just wanted to get a feel of the general opinion of this event.

It seems to me that most media is ignoring the mans past convictions of hate crimes. I've even heard a black reporter claim that the "White people are out of control! They're shooting each other"! Yes, that was a CNN anchor, which I will not name because I will not lower myself to their levels... never mind the cemeteries full of black on black murders, lets ignore the fact that the man is a Muslim, lets ignore the fact that not a single minority got targeted by this man, (only white elderly and women), lets just blame it all on white people.

And we wonder why I wanted to start my own blog... it is just about the only way to get real truth out there.

And for those Left Wing idiots who aren't blaming white people, they are blaming the gun. A Chinese manufactured AR-15, the seemingly "go-to" weapon of choice for most mass shootings. But it is American Manufacturer's who are blamed? I just don't understand the logic... if there is any. Perhaps the logic is to find excuses to dis-arm those willing to defend fellow American lives? I just don't know. I refuse to figuratively "SMH", but I will type it out: "I shake my head in bewilderment and disgust".

So, our current President, who is standing on very precarious ground right now with the dis-enfranchisement of money backers in his own party due to poorly thought out Presidential Orders, who has barricaded himself behind armed troops, who refuses to deal with the border issues he created, who refuses to deal with China or Iran, who will not.. eh, you get the picture, has the brass nad's to stand up and declare his intention to put forth tougher gun laws. This coming from the man who made a career out of over-inflating police forces nation-wide, for 47 years.

Maybe it is just too much for the poor, old feeble man to deal with. Like the border issue, perhaps he should just pass this on to Harris.

Obviously it isn't a gun manufacture problem. Perhaps, just maybe... hear me out, it is OUR fault. Oh my Lord, I can hear the Democrats and Lefty's screaming at me now...

Just consider, if Ahmad had seen a parking lot full of pickup trucks with rifles in the window's... perhaps he wouldn't have even left his vehicle. Maybe he would have reconsidered his state of mind, and just went home.

Just consider, if the general population wasn't a pack of cowards, then maybe, just maybe, a gun carrier would have noticed a young man walking into a grocery store, locked cocked and ready to rock and shot his ass, in the ass or kneecap, before he got to the front door.

Or, consider this; of the witnesses, which numbered over twenty five of them and at least 12 of them were young men under twenty eight years of age. If society still had a standard to what is considered to be a man's job to protect women and the elderly, then perhaps instead of 12 to 13 young, competent, healthy young men cowering in fear while elderly and women were getting shot and killed, they could have tackled his little five foot nothing butt and ended it early.

Also worthy of note, I know for a fact that police officers of my day would never have attempted to approach a man who has let off over 50 rounds in a grocery store and dropped several civilians. They just would have shot him out of hand to stop the madness.

But I suppose, in this day and age, if they had, they would be accused of acting out in a systemically racist manner. THEN Ahmad would have been labeled correctly, because it would have fit the narrative to their liking.

Regardless, this officer is being called a Hero and is being honored and this and that... the truth is, he committed suicide on the gun-man's weapon. A white cop, approaching a known racist, who just got done shooting a bunch of old white people... I know one thing; in the Army I served in, they didn't give awards for being stupid and getting yourself killed.

But the thing that bothers me the most, and no-one is talking about, is how so many young, strong men were present and not a single one, not one, defended the weak. Not one. They cowered in fear, while women and the elderly were gunned down in a targeted attack.

If you are a young man reading this, let me tell you the responsibility of young men; We are a dime a dozen. You never see a herd of elk with a dozen males in it. Why? Because it is our evolutionary purpose to defend those weaker than us, and yes, Nature and God expects us to die in that service. It is self-sacrificing, and take more manhood than you are currently taught. Women are the progenitors of the human race. Anyone can knock 'em up... that isn't your duty nor does it define you as a man. The elderly are our wisdom, the people who have led entire lives and have much knowledge to share.

Instead, today's society tells young men to ignore the elderly, and call them foolish. Don't defend females because they want to compete with you. And for God's sake, don't do anything that suggests any sort of masculinity at all!

Well, I am here to tell you, that if we don't do a turn-around, and very soon, the Nation's enemies will knock down our doors and force it upon us - only we will no longer have the choice if we can be gay, or cowardly, or a Democrat (spits). We will only be one thing: Chinese Slaves, sexual and/or labor. The Chinese have no problems putting pregnant females out in the rice fields, if that gives any perception into the reality of the world we live in.

They don't care about human life, and place absolutely no value in it other than what the individual can do for the Emperor. Chinese, on the regular, dispose of their female infants to make room for males. How do they dispose of them? Like yesterday's steamed vegetables. They don't care.

In Iran, women still get stoned to death in a town square for showing too much ankle.

In N. Korea, the sex slave trade is at an all time high, and guess what type of girls bring in the big money? That's right: white, blonde, blue eyed pre-teens. Boy's too. HUGE market for white pre-teen boys.

It is past high time for us who know better, to continue to allow these knuckle heads to control our nation.

How many Head of Intelligence reports need to be performed? How much evidence needs to be compiled by the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the Department of Homeland Security before people realize the truth right in front of their eye's? Just how many computer's can be lost, how much evidence is required to prove to America what is right in front of their damn eye's?

It is blinded complacency at its finest, I tell ya.

Well, I see it a lot like dealing with a child who refuses to believe that the parent is just looking out for their best interest - we have to force the issue, for those of us who remember what defined "Good Parenting". Parents almost never do what the child wants for a reason. This is how we need to deal with a nation full of grown-ass children.

Just an observation.

~Olog the Ogre.

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