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He wasn't wrong...

In September of 1987, President Ronald Reagan addressed the United Nations with an epic speech that has gone down in history as one of the greatest speeches of all time. After watching the entire speech, I can easily see why he is considered the last Great President of the United States. Since, not a single American politician has displayed his level of diplomacy, grace and poise. Perhaps that is because he wasn’t a professional politician – he was an actor most of his life. Shot twice for his progressive ideology, Ronald Reagan really was our last, great President.

I would like to share an excerpt from that speech here. As Israel and Iran diplomates laughed and chuckled amongst themselves during his speech, he went on to point out a prediction made by a French diplomate who visited America in the late 1800’s. That we would one day, be in the exact predicament that we are in now. He went on to say:

“In our obsession in antagonism of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of the humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat, to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat, outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an Alien threat already among us?”

Just to be clear, he went on to point out the inequity of tyrannical governments, and that is what he meant by the alien threat amongst us, but he made a point that is so valid that it is impossible to ignore.

In today’s political climate, everyone is more concerned with their individual identity, that the larger picture has been forgotten. As Americans, the vast majority refuse to recognize the world threat to our Freedoms. Since President Reagans time, the efforts to unite the world has faltered and died. We are independents again, looking out only for individual gain. Personally, I blame special interest groups dominating the political arena. They have run out any good candidates we may choose from, and we are left with idiots, who only seek personal gain.

Thus, the news barely even covers world events anymore, and the vast majority of the population is completely unaware of the threats we face.

But these threats never went away. In reality, since no one ever followed up on what President Reagan set in motion, many of these nations gained strength and power, but never was control ever set in place. Now, nations like China and Russia are on the brink of world domination, and American is more concerned about the color of its skin than that of the fact that our enemies do not care what race we are. To them, we are assets to attain and own.

The recent gas line issue that was hacked by Russia? Why do we think Russia would do that? To test our defenses. To test our reaction. NORAD is well aware that if China, and just China with no allies, were to invade, it would take them a little over and hour to completely dominate our entire nation. It is way too easy for our world enemies to shut down our already failing infra-structure and communications and perform a hostile take-over unlike anything ever seen in history. Not a single nuclear bomb would need to be dropped – that is how defenseless we truly are through our own ignorance.

I have made blogs concerning the threat of China. Why would they invade us? Because its people are hungry, plain and simple. Russia would help because we have put trade sanctions on them since WWII, and we blame them for American politicians approaching them to sway our elections. It isn’t their fault that we are corrupt – they are just playing our game. While Russia, since President Reagan, had put forth every effort to become friendly with the United States, we have branded and labeled them and made them out to be an enemy. Called them gangsters and mobsters, we have called them the enemy for so long, it is no wonder that they become our enemy.

Reagan was right. We need an outside threat.


For whatever reason, human beings need to fight. We need something to hate, to point our fingers at as a whole and say “that is wrong”. When we have no conflict, we make our own conflict. As an example, the “Woke” culture of today. It really doesn’t have a point, it is just starting a fight with the status quo, for little to no reason. It is in our nature. Generation after generation has proven this beyond any doubt – humans are aggressive and have an instinct to fight unlike any other creature that we are aware of.

If we had an outside threat, outside this world, then and only then, would we be able to unify ourselves as a race. Color, creed, sexual orientation, nationality, would all cease to matter. All of the sudden it would be Human versus (insert outsider here).

This is the biggest downfall of what I call The Human Condition. We cannot seem to find or maintain balance. Never have, in any culture in all of written history. One will always rise over the other, and that other will always come to resent the one who rose. It is as inevitable as the Sun rising in the morning.

We consider ourselves “higher” evolved creatures, while I tend to disagree with that statement. While we are clever and are abstract thinkers, in a wolf pack, the hierarchy is always accepted by all members of the pack without question. Same goes for lions, deer, elk, and even schools of fish. But humans just don’t seem to “get it”.

Why is that?

Why do we need to constantly fight?

Why are we so tribalistic?

If we can’t get along with each other, then why do we tend to “herd”?

These are basic questions that have never been answered. Through my dedicated research of the “Origins of Man”, I think I have some answers.

And it always boils down to our origins. Most people go through the motions of life and never stop to ask the big questions of life. Never pause to wonder – to try to come to terms with what would be assumed to be a “simple” existence.

But existence, to simply be alive and aware, isn’t very “simple” for humans, is it? We are so far removed from anything else naturally evolved or domesticated on this planet, that we have nothing to compare ourselves too. No other examples, no easy or rational explanation.

Darwinism doesn’t really explain humans, does it? It can rationally explain every single naturally evolved creature on this planet with the exception of humans and our domesticated animals. We simply do not fit the model. We are the youngest species on the planet, yet we are the highest evolved. Hairless, defenseless, with pre-utensil digits such as the thumb does not explain our ability to use abstract thought.

The racoon and beaver have opposable thumbs, but do not have our ability to analyze and deduce. The wolf and the lion have our ability to cooperate, but cannot capture, breed and provide its own food supply. The beaver can build a dam, but cannot cooperate to build a town.

Ever consider your own tongue? It kind of has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? We don’t always seem to be in total control of its movements or what it does. All we know is that we wish to articulate words, and it does it. As it turns out, in our study of primates, written words and sign language is much easier for naturally evolved creatures to pick up than actual language. This is because we have an entire portion of our brain, a large portion, that is dedicated to language. It controls our tongue, and does not share the same integration as other portions of our brain. It almost seems as if it is an “add-on”, or a modification, of our original hardware.

So why are humans so unique and so evolved? We are only 26,000 years old (give or take a millennia), compared to the wolf, who has not evolved in over a million years. Apex predators reach a certain evolutionary point, and stop. So, what gives?

This is when most people who subscribe to science throw their hands up and cave into concepts of religion. “It must have been God”.

But any critical thinker looks at the bible and other religions, and say, “this doesn’t make any damn sense”. And they would be correct. The holes in logic abound in the Christian Bible, and as I have been led to believe, other similar belief systems are the same. The general population has reached a level of knowledge where the tales of old no longer makes sense in the modern mind.

Well, there is something to be said for the creation of humankind, versus the evolution. But only if one looks at it from a different perspective. What if the bible is an abbreviated historical document, and not the actual word of God?


In 1968, a Swiss author, Erik Von Daniken published “Chariots of the Gods?” in Germany for the first time. I personally read it in the late 1970’s. In it, he presents, oh, I don’t know, hundreds of questions regarding the hints and clues left in biblical and other sources about the origins of humankind.

In 1946/47, in the Judea Desert, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, apparently appendages of scripture that never made it into the bible. This started an entire new belief system called “Gnostic”, which is a more literal understanding of the biblical tales surrounding the Bible.

Then we have The Book of Enoch, which gives explicit detail of a hanger built for a space ship built by Enoch himself.

Between the years of 1979 and 1989, Zecharia Sitchin wrote a series of books based upon interpretations of the oldest known written language on earth, Ancient Sumeria, or Akkadian Sand Skrit, as known in some circles. He was a language expert, perhaps the best in his field that ever lived. He translated literally, what he read.

All in all, and amongst other literary works listed in this site’s suggested reading list suggests, that long before the television show was produced, that there is validity in the Ancient Alien Theory. The television show has exploited sensationalistic tendencies to gain viewers, and personally, I put as much stock into that show as I do The Curse of Oak Island or Skinwalker Ranch. However, the originators of the theory were not fool’s – they were specialized people in their fields of research. One of the most credible in my mind is Christopher Dunn.

Christopher Dunn is a mechanical engineer, currently practicing, and above and beyond all the other researchers, he is an engineer. That means while he is grounded in scientific concept, he also makes theory work in the real world. In the early 80’s, he went to Giza to look for tool marks, and boy did he find some tool marks. His finding's verified Sitchins research to the T, without the two ever meeting or communicating. In any other field of study, this would be conclusive evidence of theory.

All of that being said, to date, I have yet to see any conclusive evidence that what our ancestors wrote in stone, was not true. Absolutely nothing else written or discovered explains our origins better than their suggested views. I have never seen so much amassed evidence to point to a certainty, yet so often dismissed as “pseudo-science”.

As an electrical engineer myself, do you know what pseudo-science is? Quantum Physics. Yes, the device I am typing this out on, the device you are using to read it, has more theoretical concepts in it than the proof of theory in Ancient Astronauts.

All Ancient cultures speak of a “Golden Age” of human beings, in our distant past. Through reading materials, I have visited that Golden Age, and I gotta tell you, it really wasn’t all the great for humans.

According to Sitchin, and most Ancient Astronaut Theorist’s, our God’s of old mixed earth primate DNA with their own to create us in their image.

Many modern people laugh at the idea that we were created to mine gold, but as a gold prospector and an avid historian of the American West, let me tell you, “Gold Fever” is no joke. When you have held enough of the stuff in your hands, not that 24k fake stuff you get at stores, I mean real, 99% gold, nothing less compares. It is a drug that will hook you for life. Entire nations have risen and fallen over the stuff. People have sold their own family to posses it and rulers throughout time have decimated allies to obtain it.

We have given it to our Gods, we have hoarded it, and to this day, it is the only naturally occurring material that has intrinsic value. That means it holds value no matter what – regardless of our modern concepts of money backed by an idea.

“Cash is for drug dealers and idiots” is something I saw on a television show once, but the statement couldn’t be more accurate. If one is really interested in securing their financial future, gold is the one and only way to go. Just ask former President D. Trump.

We are programmed to love the stuff, even though it is about useless. It doesn’t make good tools, worse weapons, it can’t be worn to keep warm or cool, it is completely useless in all respects with the exception of modern-day electronics. Yes, gold is in our atmosphere and oceans and does provide UV protection, but we never knew that as a race coming into its own. Only recently have we discovered the usefulness of gold outside of a universal monetary system.

Through a very long process, humans were developed to be laborers to the “Gods”. I refer to them as the Anunnaki, as the Mesopotamians did. At first, we couldn’t procreate on our own, but that put a huge burden on female Anunnaki to carry us to term, so a solution was found by ENKI and Nihnurshag (Lucifer and his sometimes-sister wife, perspectivity) to create Adama, the perfect man, which Anu, (Rha, An – your pick) threw out of the Garden of Eden in disgust. How dare this animal try to compare itself to the Gods?

However, ENLIL, (Yehwah, God, again, your choice) decided that this version of human could be useful and appropriated Adama to his region for work. Thus, the human race as we know it, began.

Not without its trials and tribulations. At one point Enlil conspired to destroy us all, seeing the human race as a mistake. Another time, Enki’s son conscripted us into their war, almost destroying the planet in the process. In the end, the take away from this is that we were engineered.

We were engineered to be productive. Engineered to worship these higher beings. Engineered to be a very specific way. These traits carry on into the modern Human Condition, that does not fit any other mold on the planet. Never has, and never will. While we are of this Earth, we are also of something else, something much more malevolent, manipulative, and immature.

Some of us were engineered to mine. Some to administer, some to farm, some to build and others to be warriors. Every race can be traced in this manner to this origin story. We wonder why we are so vastly different from one another in only 26 thousand years, but this makes much more sense in all respects.

It would also explain the explosion of knowledge about ten to twenty thousand years ago (different sources, different time lines) when Mesopotamia came onto the scene. All of the sudden we understood metallurgy, agriculture, indoor plumbing, we had domesticated animals and grains and fruits… all in a span of about a century between Nomadic Humans and Civilized Humans. We had mathematics, engineering, we could brew alcohol, provide medical services, the loom, make cheese and everything required for civilization. Even main stream scientists cannot explain the boom of technology that Mesopotamia brought to the table. But this theory can. What the Ancients wrote in stone seems to be the only story that lines up with the archeological evidence.

Then at some point, they left. Leaving behind the monolithic mysteries that we try to figure out the origin of, today. Giza, Puma Pichu, Stone Henge…

But along with those mysteries, they left us. They engineered us to do just about everything, except for one very important trait: self-government. We were to fend for ourselves. While we floundered along and murdered each other in droves, they stepped back and observed it all. With minimal interference, we were left on our own, completely unprepared to govern ourselves or this planet.

We have come a long way, but not without a steep price.


So how does this relate to our modern issues, much less President Reagans speech?

Let us take a general look at the behavior of these “Gods”.

They weren’t wise. They weren’t “all knowing”. They were not responsible, hell, most of them were appointed a position by an uncaring off-world monarchy, and most of them were extremely dissatisfied with their own existence and role on this planet. They were small minded, petty, mean, violent and mostly more irresponsible than we are. It would seem to me, the only thing that made them “better” than us, was a very long lifespan, large stature, and a higher technological ability.

And it is my suspicion that their extremely long-life spans were a result of our creation. In an often-unrecognized book on the History of Magic, (reading list), it is noted that all cultures across the globe ritually sacrificed infants and small children to the Gods. It is now known that the human stem cell can cure just about anything. Where does stem cell come from? You guessed it, extremely young humans. I am not a biologist, and do not know the particulars of how they extract stem cells, but I am aware that it is present in the blood of infants.

Some theorists have presented an idea that the Tree of Knowledge, as described in the bible, or otherwise known as the “Fountain of Youth”, thought to be in the blood sacrificing regions of South America, is, in fact, human blood. Without getting into too much detail, I find validity to this point, with the realization that it seems too outlandish to the average modern human to even consider it.

The average, modern, reasonable American would at first, be disgusted with this idea, and with utter distain, dismiss the concept altogether. But just because we have evolved socially, does not mean that it didn’t happen in the past, and for a reason. Why would every culture across the world sacrifice its own people? We did this for thousands of years before Christianity, but why? Wouldn’t someone, somewhere, think to themselves “we can worship our Gods without killing our own children”? It sounds reasonable, but for thousands of years, no one did.

Then we have modern day abductions. Linda Moulton Howe has researched cattle mutilations and abductions in the American Southwest since the late 1970’s. An investigative journalist, I personally met her in the late 80’s when our family ranch was experiencing some really weird mutilations of our livestock. She is known for quoting a high-ranking military official as saying “All I can tell you Linda, is that it is a genetic harvest”.

A genetic harvest? Honestly, that really does make sense to me. I do not pretend to be a geneticist, but from what I know of Mendal’s Law and trying to grow cloned plants, a genetic strand has a shelf life. Without influx of new material, a DNA strain will eventually dissolve altogether. One cannot continue to clone the same plant over, and over again – it doesn’t hold up.

Consider a species that may be potentially be billions of years old. That is a lot of years… many people will not be able to envision it, but try to compare that to a paltry twenty-six thousand. Our genetic line is practically virgin. As a race, we are not even infants, we are barely the unfertilized egg in genetic terms.

Wouldn’t it make sense that they would use our pure genetic strand to strengthen their own? Since we are a mix of earth-bound animal and their own DNA, we would certainly be compatible. Wouldn’t we do the same thing? And that our Ancients knew they needed our blood for something, but misunderstood the technique or process of extracting stem cells? Or maybe the “Gods” didn’t care if the human survived or not and engorged themselves in front of us?

Ever watch a movie called “Jupiter Ascending”? Cheesy sci-fi movie starring Mila Kunis, but the concept of the circumstances in the movie seems to be dead on point to me.


I have read all of Sitchin’s work. It is a lot. I was raised and lived most of my life in the American Southwest, thus I am very familiar with Native American tales of the Gods. I have read and studied European Mythology, same with what is known about Meso-America. I used to visit a Polynesian Shaman on a regular basis, professionally. I spent time in Korea in my military service and divulged into their history and culture. My biggest gaps are Eastern Europe and Pan-Asia, but altogether, my impression of the old Gods?

Petty. Extremely small minded. Violent and uncaring.

And if these are the same aliens that visit us today, that tells me that our world and way of life is in a much more fragile position that I, or anyone else, ever imagined.


Which brings me back to President Reagan.

He probably was well aware of the hint he was dropping. A man that capable didn’t say random things just to make a point. He was calculating and precise with his words, all the time. Every single speech. He knew he was talking to the entire world and he knew the message he wanted to send.

Imagine if we, the general population, knew for sure, without any doubt at all, knew that we were not alone on this planet, much less this solar system or galaxy? It would surprise all of us how quickly all these petty-minded individual fetishes would simply cease to matter.

Imagine what that would do for our Nation, our world view? It would truly unify us, the entirety of “us”, the whole damn species, if we knew that “they” were out to get us. It wouldn’t matter if someone was rich or poor, white or black, gay or straight, American or Chinese – all of the sudden we would all just be “human”, and in the same damn boat.

And we wonder why the governments will not admit the existence of aliens? It wouldn’t destabilize us, the people: we would adjust and drive on with a sense of purpose. It would destabilize their ability to govern us. In China, they still believe their Emperor is descendent from the Gods. For most of us, we would wonder why we answer to a higher authority at all, and would not recognize petty power moves with the realization of a larger picture.

I have always thought, regardless if any of this has any validity or truth to it, it would be a play I would make as a political leader, sincerely concerned for my people. It would be an awesome power move to bring the forces of the world together, under one banner. Of course, that will never happen. Those who have power over their little mud puddles will never relinquish one ounce of authority – thus, here we are.

But, just for fun, whether you buy into any of this or not, the next time you read an article about race, economics, or politics, ask yourself this: “Would an alien care?”

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