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I just don't want the damn shot


I first posted this opinion publicly on social media, and boy what a shit storm. Though I belong to many conservative groups, the things other conservatives say concerning mass vaccination borders on manic behavior. Everyone is programmed.

Yes, the Chicken Pox vaccine helped this nation build its population. Yes, vaccines contribute to public health. I'll say it now, and I'll repeat it later: Vaccines are for the General Public, they are not for me.

So please, do not force your bias upon what I allow or do not allow into my body. I am not an antivaccine promoter. If someone has a weaker immune system or just wants to be safe, by all means, vaccinate. The point I made on social media and here on my own blog is simple: I have the Constitutional Right not to receive a vaccine if I do not need or want it.

Conversely, that does mean that grocery stores, restaurants, libraries and the such can decide to not allow me into their establishments if I don't show my papers, and that is okay. as I talked to all my local establishments that I frequent and they all told me that they would never not allow someone into their business if they do not have inoculation papers.

So there is that. I am grateful I live in a rural region. Then again, I spent a lifetime looking for, and very deliberately picked this area, out of the entire United States, so I guess I could say I am grateful to have enough foresight. My brain still works just fine because I do not vaccinate.

I was accused of promoting antivaccine idea's through misinformation. Not true. Through several years of research, I strongly believe in "Herd Immunity". It worked for our Ancestors, and the proof is simple: here we are today. Yes, people die. It is the one and only guarantee we have in this life, that one day, we will all die. Our loved ones will die, and our children will die. Hopefully, the children will outlive their parents, but it is not a guarantee by any means.

There is a graveyard outside of my favorite prospecting area in Granite, Colorado. It was used mainly from 1860 - 1930. It is mostly children. It is a sad little cemetery, to see all those tiny graves and entire families, but it is just a reality of the world we live in. We will never be able to escape death, and illness is a part of life. When death comes knocking, there is nothing we as mere mortals can do about it. All we can do is realize that for those who have passed, their suffering is over.


I just don't want the damn shot. Never got a flu shot, so why is it necessary now?

I have always lived in regions with a high population of retirees. More often than I like to think about it, they get sick. Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, Dementia... When I ask if they got their flu shots on a regular basis, the answer is always "yes".

When we lived in Holland, Texas, one of our neighbors, Debra something, took her one year old to get his booster shots. That night he was rushed to the hospital for what only can be described as a seizure, although the doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with him. From the next day for all the nine years of his short life, the child never developed mentally and had to be constantly strapped down for his own safety. I knew the child before that shot, and he was almost walking, a perfectly normal healthy baby. He was struck down and eventually died from a booster shot. No doctor they took him too would admit that it was the shot that did it, but everyone in our neighborhood knew it was the shot.

I refused the Anthrax vaccination in the Army. I just don't understand how one can be vaccinated from a naturally occurring substance. They have never developed a vaccine for radiation sickness, so it just didn't add up in my mind. I slipped the medic a bill so he would just act like he gave me a shot, but it didn't work and I got in a lot of trouble. But I never did get that shot. Two deployments to the middle east and I never got that "Desert War Syndrome" while almost everyone I served with did. Vets of the OIF don't march or make a stand because they are just too damned sick.

My 4th grade biology teacher told us that continued injection of anti-bodies weakens the immune system to the point where the body cannot make its own antibodies. So, in essence, if one has a strong immune system, don't make it weak by getting shots you may not need.

I did a paper while in college on the effects of mercury poisoning on a small town in Japan, not long after WWII. In an effort to boost Japanese industry after the war, American manufacturers moved their mercury processing facilities to this small town. Ten years later, everyone died. Horribly. With the same exact symptoms of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia. The correlation is how "heavy elements" like mercury, lead, uranium, cobalt and a few others never leave the body. These elements work their way, eventually, to the brain and settle there, causing neurons to "misfire" in portions of the brain. This causes loss of motor skills and madness. In my research I found an old black and white film of a cat in this town after everyone died.. that gawd awful poor cat. It is an image that sticks with me. Then to imagine that was how every person in that town was before they all passed makes one sick to the stomach.

It used to be, and I do not know if it is still a practice, that vaccines contained a very small amount of mercury as a coagulant. It allowed elements that would normally never mix, to mix. It has always been claimed that the amount of mercury present in these shots is not enough to make a human sick. But when one considers the fact that heavy elements such as mercury never leaves the body, shot after shot after shot builds up quiet a deposit.

Grandma died of Alzheimer's and Dementia. Dad died of lung cancer. For grandma, it was five long years of her losing her mind. She was straight up bat-shit crazy and it was hell on Grandpa. The very last week of her life, she had clarity, and knew she was moving on. Dad, conversely, knew he had lung cancer for about two or three years, but lived on doing what he always did until the last couple of months when it got rough. When he had to be put on a machine, he choose not too, and it only took a few minutes. If given the choice, cancer seems merciful compared to heavy element poisoning.

Ironically, when Dad hit his stage four, I funded a trip to Switzerland so he could get Stem Cell Treatment, and IT WAS WORKING! The cancer cells were receding in a way that did not spread more cancer. Then, my step-mother got a flu shot, and of course caught the flu because of it, and Dad died because of his weakened immune systems thanks to Western Cancer Treatments.

Ironic, funny, or infuriating, I still fully blame my step-mothers blind programming for his death.

Blindly following what the "professionals" tell you is detrimental to ones health. Listen, respect their opinions, then research and come to conclusion as to what is best for you, as an individual.

I am not an "anti-vaxer". Genetically weak and the elderly need these shots. Children, to a lesser extent. I am grateful that Dad was a bit of a "hippy" and didn't force inoculations on me. I fully support their need for continued vaccines and treatments for those who need them.

I am just not one of them. My immune system is a beast, and I plan to keep it that way through exercise and a healthy diet. I have gotten the flu once in my life, and I'll never forget it. I was four.

George Carlin was not wrong. One has to build a strong immune system. No-one lives forever, but after seeing so many people who were otherwise strong get struck down by Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, including family that I miss dearly, I do not want to spend my last few years with absolutely no control over myself.

I do not want this damn vaccine. It is MY choice as to what goes in my body. I never spread the flu before, and I won't inadvertently spread this one either. Besides, the vaccines don't work. You can still catch it. I have never understood why people want an injection of something that is proven NOT to do its job.

When I am chopping wood at my cabin in my 80's and possibly 90's, and everyone I knew and loved is dead, I will think back to this era of foolishness and chuckle. I will have won at that point.


I just don't want the damn shot, and no-one has the authority to force it on me. When we read the Declaration of Independence and the original Bill of Rights, , nobody "gave" me these rights - they are bestowed upon us at birth by God. They are my Right's, and no earthly mortal has the authority to remove them.

~Olog the Ogre~

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