I Think, Therefore I must Stink

Now THAT's the good stuff. Raw Telluride Gold dug out of the Colorado Rockies with these two hands. Though I enjoy Gold Prospecting, I LOVE the results.

"There's GOLD in them hills"! A favorite expression of my Father's when he would take me exploring in my youth. He made it a point, once a year, sometimes a full month at a time, to go on some wild adventure in the American Southwest on the hunt for Gold. Whether in hidden treasure or actual prospecting.

It was not always fun, but I learned something every time. I can honestly say that I have been in most rural regions from Southern Colorado, through New Mexico into Southern Arizona. I know how to survive with nothing more than a good knife and my wits. I know how to live in some of the harshest conditions this land has to offer. A certain amount of pride, and yes, at times, arrogance, stems from this unique background.

I am very grateful for my father, who left us three days from his 70'th birthday, in June, 2019. Not many people can honestly say that they had an awesome father. I do know a few, but the vast majority seem, in my experience anyway, to have a negative opinion of their father.

Not me. Dad was cool. He was smart. He was tough. He was strong. He would whoop my back-side when I deserved it and never held back a common-sense truth.

Most of my life, unfortunately, I didn't truly value his influence and dedication. I am glad I got to spend the last 15 of his life with him as friends.

Which often leaves me with the question of this particular mess. How did "this" happen from "that"? I say this jokingly, but I truly wish I could find the internal strength to posses half the wisdom he had.

Maybe all the hair-gel back in the 80's to maintain that perfect mullet got to my brain.

Dad passed with no regrets. He did everything he could for me and his loved ones. He contributed during Vietnam, then went on to help develop modern GPS systems while working for Chevron. He wrote the North American Geo-Positional Standard of 1982, and retired as a crazy old hippy rancher who liked to brew his own wine and beer and smoke the occasional homegrown joint.

If a measure of a man is his ability to match his father, I don't really feel I have, nor will I ever will. For sure, much of that fact is my own fault, but not all of it. Becoming a young man while the Age of Information charged into the world like a moose was rough, in my experiences. Too young and dumb to be a coked up Wall Street Wolf, raised with too many "old school" values to ever really make it in a world that requires a certain level of larceny and dishonesty to get by in.

That is my one trait that always has bitten my back-side: Integrity. It is a part of the Seven Army values; and I have always placed high value in someone's integrity.

But here is the thing - everyone has a different "truth", or concept of honesty. It really is an abstract concept, and completely up for interpretation.

Which frustrates the ever-lovin' hot dog right out of my bun.

A persons "truth" is based entirely upon their knowledge. I suppose I've always known that, thanks to a super-educated super-dad, but what most people do not know gets my gears going, almost every time.

Not to say I am some sort of genius. I think my personal history speaks for my "truth". But I do know a lot. There is a difference between cognitive capability and knowledge, and I have always endeavored to hit the middle ground with those different, yet related, definitions of a persons individual perspective.

I have found most people in this world to be over-balanced, one way or the other. Either they have much knowledge, but no common-sense, or they are entirely reactive to events around them with little foresight.

Then I find myself arguing with both types, because I fit neither category. (And I have a short fuse from a life-time of this particular point of view. Jaded and branded, I have earned a criticism that very few can deliver effectively).

WHICH, finally, leads me to the question: Why on Earth would I type all this out on my a public blog? Am I just "cruizin' for a bruizin"? Bit of a masochist, am I? Probably.

Really, I am typing-thinking it out here because ultimately, it will be the deciding factor in what kind of "niche" do I want to fall in.

Do I have to fall into a "Niche"? Ultimately, I don't think I want to be a professional Blog. It is entirely dependent on current events and news, which in the end, has led me to become bald with a touch of E.D..

Following American Politics has definitely led to more than one grey hair my beard.

Ultimately, I am secluded high up in the Rockies, and if America does fall apart into regions, it will be a good long while before I notice any difference up here. The Chinese could invade, and would probably never make it up this dirt road in the middle of the Sandia De Cristo mountain range.

So why kill myself over it? In the end, I really do not care other than the taxes I have to pay. I don't care who is President, I don't even care who my State Governor is, because in the end, it's not like these people will ever benefit me or my life. (No, I never got those fancy 'stimulus checks...enjoy my tax dollars).

I care enough when I pay more at the pump, for my tools and equipment, when I have to pay increased taxes on my property and employee's, so I do care in some respects. And when I care about something, I almost always go overboard with it. But seriously, I can't change the world. No-one ever listened to old Pop's, and no-one has ever really listened to me in 48 years, and I really don't expect that to change.

In a Nation of 329,000,000, I really am an ant in this giant hill. A low-income Vet who was expected to die for his nation, but is not allowed a voice in it, or taken seriously.

As per my above comments, the stress and anger behind my position politically, is simply not healthy. It may be true, but it isn't doing my state of mind any good to dwell on it or use it as a topic to become a writer.

But still, what would be a good "niche"? I enjoy new discovers and mainstream science. That being said, I cant help but be judgmental about the assumptions made in mainstream science, and then taken as an absolute truth by the masses. One subject can be covered by two different researchers with pedigrees, and have completely opposite views on the same subject, and the side the masses hear? The side that appeals to the narrative.

Do you understand what I mean by that? The masses will not believe anything too outlandish from the definitions set forth by "Mother Society" until it is literally forced upon them by a position of authority.

Remember, science use to proclaim the Earth was flat, and that women couldn't orgasm. Science used to think injecting mercury, a highly toxic substance, directly into one's penis would cure syphilis.

So why on this Blue Earth would someone assume that we have it all figured out by now? We haven't even seen the iceberg of Universal Knowledge. All we have tasted so far is salty chunks of ice in the water.

Obviously this is a huge source of stress for me as well. Though I could literally type out a book, right now, concerning the failings of the Religion of Science, it would do absolutely no good to no-one, much less myself.

Religion? Other than to bash on it? I don't see that as a productive effort. While I do enjoy learning everything I can about the Age of Vikings, and I am learning Finnish to round out my knowledge base, it really isn't a passion worth writing about on a regular basis, as I will master it to my satisfaction relatively quickly.

Ethics play a part in writing publicly. Most people are what I call "basically honest", at least in terms of each individuals capability. To me, being "basically honest" means that every word I type or speak, is from my version of truth. While other's may be widely variable depending upon who they are talking too. I feel that the same truth I speak to one person is the same exact truth I will speak to someone else. In my version of integrity, I should not change the story to fit the narrative.

Which, unfortunately, I have. To simply gain some attention, from someone, somewhere, I have fallen into the dangerous trap of "divisiveness writing" the past few articles. But at the same time, those articles came from my heart, and are not professional in any manner, so maybe they really are my truth, and I should let them stand.

Where do I draw the line with what other people want to see, or how I should write it, versus my own self expression?

I am a pedigreed technical writer, but guess what? That is one boring endeavor, and I don't think anyone would read it. I could try to be more accurate in my reporting, but again, time consuming and one extremely boring endeavor. I feel I have earned a certain position in this world and this life, and my freedom of expression is more important to me than a literary guild's rules and guidelines for writing, or even a professional opinion.

As of writing this, no-one pays my bills but me. Why would I want to write anything else than what I want to write about, on my time, in my point of view, and in my own style?

One thing I really do enjoy writing about: The Human Condition. There is a web site somewhere where "professionals" are taking this as a field of research, and that is fine. But I have read their work, and I don't think they take all the possible variables into consideration. It is limited in scope to fit a mainstream narrative to gain legitimacy. My perspective on the subject has no agenda other than understanding.

The Human Condition is more than an evolutional subject. It incorporates everything from the concepts of "magic", to faith, to biological interference, to modern rules of society.

I truly enjoy books like Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, An "eye's wide open" look, logically, at the evidence available, to analyze a creature that is an alien to its own environment, told in fascinating story line.

It gives me the opportunity to "step-out" of the human perspective and take a more analytical state of mind.

Decided. Thanks for the input!

`~ Olog the Ogre

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