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The Religion of COVID

Every day I watch the mainstream News, then I read the alternate news through social media. After I follow up on certain story’s, I back research what everyone claims, and try to find the real story. I then shake my head, drink my coffee, and refrain from finding Left Wingers and beating on them.

I will get into arguments with them though, and it always ends quickly because they cannot follow logic. The fallback argument for the Left: insults and false accusations.

It is like ADHD has taken over our population and overwhelming numbers of our society simply cannot function as human beings. They are literally, walking talking monkeys. They look human, they act human, but a peek into their mind and one quickly realizes that they are not human.

I have heard that it is all the vaccines they have hit us with in our lifetimes. It has added so many heavy elements into our system that the brain no longer work correctly. There might be something to that. I know I have avoided vaccines all my life, thus a difference in me from everyone I have ever met.

It is a reflection of the Human Condition that has bitten us in the ass since the beginning of time. Belief versus knowledge. And it seems that those who chose to “believe” over pursuing “knowledge” are always the majority. In essence, humans are as lazy as they can get away with, and learning something new is often times just too damn much effort.

So, instead, they fall into the synapsis of “belief”.

Even though religion has taken a back seat in modern society, it has been replaced by a belief in the Religion of Science. Something very few actually understand, and most simply place all their faith into regardless if they have ever cracked a book or read a report. If some person in a lab coat says it, it must be true.

But people in lab coats are people too, with their own agenda and motivations. They know that if they wear their coat on T.V., everyone will just fall in line, like the Preacher of old. Just like the old Snake Oil dealers of the Old West, if they stand up and claim “Science”, fools will buy into it.

While this Nation was set up with the separation of Church and State in mind, unfortunately, the Church was simply replaced by Science and thus infiltrated the State at all levels.

Again, as mentioned in previous articles, it is Scientific Methodology that has led us to the modern world we live in. Not “Science” in of itself. 90% of “science” is an educated guess, and it all depends on the person doing the guessing, that determine the results.

China has developed their own immunizations for SARS, MARS, and COVID without any input from the Western World. Why is that? What do they know the rest of us don’t? Well, for one, they are not subject to opinions of idiots, profiteers and politicians. While they are seen as the enemy to most of the World, they also do not have the political infighting that we have and thus are a much more productive people. Their “science” is not influenced by religion or agenda… their science is based upon results.

What a novel concept. Science based upon results, and not opinion. We could learn something from that.

But we won’t. Even the person reading this, I guarantee, will not spend the hours digging into the data to verify or disprove any of it. If they agree, emotionally, they will simply move on and go “yup” and not do anything about the state of affairs of this country, or they will go “bullshit”, and argue it from their arm chairs with no more knowledge than a few science articles that they read that they remember. They may share a link to a crap news report, but will not spend the effort to learn a little something about physics to present a legitimate argument, and when I, the knowledgeable one, gives up because he realizes he is dealing with an ADHD retard, they will think they won something. They got their participation trophy.

It’s true, and we all know it. But no one does anything to change it.

When all it takes to effect change is to elevate one’s knowledge. When someone knows better, they cannot be convinced of bullshit.

While my field of research is not specifically in bioengineering, I can dig in and find out relevant information to support my stance.

So, let’s look at the latest bullshit in the Religion of Science: COVID.


I called it bullshit in March of 2020, and I am repeating myself now.

At first, when the “virus” was hitting the world scene, it was called a protein molecule because researchers did not know how to identify it. It wasn’t built like a virus, yet here they were presented with an object that was claimed to act like a virus. As of writing this, no research has of yet proven that the COVID will actually “infect” a living cell. It doesn’t, because it cannot. As a matter of fact, check it out:

It acts exactly like the Influenza Vaccine. It attaches itself to specific cells and coagulates that region. That is what the flu vaccine does through T-Cells. It attaches itself to the virus, then releases its anti-bodies thus killing the virus.

So, while there is absolutely no proof at all to suggest the COVID is a life-form in of itself, it is classified as a life form – a virus. Which is absurd. Virologists have called virus’s “the perfect form of life”. I remember that from my 4th grade biology class. Too bad no one else paid attention too.

I have had people with much less knowledge than myself claim that since it is encapsulated in a protein shell, that is the defining factor that makes it a virus. At that point, I usually end the discussion any way I can because, I realize that the News has done one hell of job brainwashing an entire world population. By myself, I cannot educate an ignorant population who is simply following the “herd mentality”. It is a shame that so many people are comfortable with themselves not actually knowing anything.

Under a microscope, while COVID shares a basic appearance of a Virus, it is anatomically very different. Mainly what these basic images represent do not include the entire picture. A virus has a body that has legs that it is encapsulated in. I am finding certain images are disappearing from google. Even these two comparative images are misleading.

Since COVID isn’t a life form of its own, it cannot procreate, infect or grow on its own. This would suggest that the only way for it to spread would be through continuous and deliberate introduction into our bio-sphere. I have personally never really bought into the whole “chem-trail” conspiracy, but this knowledge leads me to believe that there is something to it. How else could this non-virus continue to be spread?

One cannot “catch” COVID from another person. It doesn't have the body or the legs. The COVID can attach itself to an organism, but does not have a delivery method in of itself. Versus the virus, which can live outside an organism and will continue to procreate and spread, in all sorts of conditions.

Again, it behaves more like the Influenza Vaccine than a virus. I have divulged quiet a bit of time understanding the Influenza Vaccine and have a pretty good idea how it is developed and its delivery methods to release anti-bodies, and good lord, the similarities are just too much to ignore.

I cannot seem to find an image of a vaccine doing its “thing” in an organism though, which I find very, very odd. You can google monkey’s throwing shit at each other, but you cannot find a microscopic image of the Influenza Vaccine. Perhaps it is the keywords I am using, but I cannot find one.

But when you consider that google is “in” on the bullshit, it makes much more sense.

So how does one develop a vaccine to stop a vaccine? Ironically enough, that was the entire purpose of developing RNA genetic vaccinations – in case a bad vaccine got released into society.

The veil begins to be pealed back at this point.

How does one test to see if they have been vaccinated? One cannot, not accurately, short of a blood test, thus the wild results from COVID testing. Also, the reason for Vaccine cards… one cannot test for it easily once it has been deployed in a body.

If a child brings home the flu, the whole damn family gets sick. If someone brings home COVID, there is a very good chance that no one else in the house will get sick. I have heard it and seen it time and time again.

The masks are completely pointless in every last respect. In each and every circumstance, the mask will do nothing to prevent the spread of something that is un-spreadable. One cannot catch COVID from another person unless they are playing tongue tag. Or someone has the brilliance to stick their finger down an infected person’s throat and then stick that finger in their own mouth. Only through medical treatment or very ignorant actions can this be spread from one person to another.

The COVID has no delivery method of its own. Nature always develops a means of survival and procreation, otherwise the life form would not survive. Again, one more nail in the coffin that proves to me, that the COVID is engineered. That would suggest that the COVID is deliberately being released into our bio-sphere.

Who is performing the delivery? Someone with access to military aircraft that is not required to report their movements to the FAA? Hmm… seems to be the only logical conclusion.

So, lets look at some results that we can gather after a year of a human delivered pandemic.


In Scandinavian nations, the world has pointed to them as leaders when it comes to getting a handle on this “pandemic”. Why is that? While they have locked down their borders from tourism and unnecessary travel into their countries, they have taken a much more relaxed stance within their borders, and have seen some of the lowest infection rates in the world.

In Finland, out of a population of 5.5 million, they have had 83.6 thousand infections, and only 887 deaths. They only had a 2 month lock down, and do not require masks for the general public. They never shut down their internal operations to include public gatherings, indoor or out, and only require masks for those in the medical profession.

In Iceland, under the same conditions, they enjoy a very small population of 356.9 thousand, have had only 6 thousand infected and only 29 deaths.

In Norway, while their borders are still closed to unnecessary travel, have not shut-down internal operations to include restaurants and public gatherings, and only require masks for healthcare professionals, like Finland, and that was only instated in August of 2020. They have impressive values at a population of 5.3 million, only 107 thousand got sick, and only 708 people died.

References listed at the bottom of the article.

Why is this? Is it because the World Leaders in medical research have a better handle on the behavior of what is essentially a bad vaccine? Just maybe… just maybe.


I now know why Trump pulled support from the World Health Organization. It doesn’t provide reports, data or statistics. After days of going through their web-site, it seems their only function is producing pointless articles after the fact. They do nothing to prevent anything, perform no research of their own, and does not track any useful data at all. Since it is largely funded by American dollars, I now understand why Trump saw it as completely useless and pointless. Because it is. It is just a drain on federal resources.

So, I am forced to rely on the Center for Disease Control for data. I don’t believe their reports, most notably because they never tracked the data on the influenza until Trump pressured them to produce some useful data. They then went back and made-up reports for the past ten years and called the results an “estimated burden”. Then I really had to dig for these reports. It would seem that they wanted to bury them after Trump left office. The CDC claims that it only tracked pediatric deaths from the flu. (Child deaths). It is not known if the values listed below include adults for the past ten years.

2011-2021 Flu Season hospitalizations and estimated deaths:

I did not create this table to prove that the COVID has less than a 1% death rate, for that is common knowledge. I produced this table to prove that the CDC is falsifying reports. I know one person who died from the flu in 2021: my grandmother.

She was elderly and contracted influenza. But because the COVID ward in Tucson AZ consumed all the hospitals resources (which was empty upon my visit), they didn’t have anything left over to treat grandma. She died. Then the death certificate claimed she died of COVID. In a “Bizzarro” world, I suppose one could say that because of lack of resources due to the COVID, that she died of it, but in reality, we call that a flat out lie.

Unfortunately, her daughter, my step-mother, is one of the millions of sheep and would not argue the point and let it ride.

And only 225 hospitalizations for the flu since September of 2020? Give me all the excuses in the world, the numbers don’t add up. A thin paper mask isn’t enough to stop the flu, and that is common knowledge since 1918.

Opinion time:


It is my belief, based on knowledge, (because I know there is no way to prove my conclusions with 100% certainty… the fundamentals of scientific methodology), that the COVID has been used to push an agenda and discredit one person. They have locked the world down in false claims of a “pandemic” just to undermine any progress that person made while in office. They have knocked back all progress and productivity and stability by decades just to block this man from calling them out on their bullshit and pedophilia.

I do not think the COVID is any more dangerous than a buggy vaccine. I believe, through educated guess work that most people would call “scientific research”, that it is continuously released into our bio-sphere to create panic, to allow large pharma to get wealthier when in fact, it was more than likely big pharma who released it to begin with.

The billions of dollars spent on a useless vaccine is insane. Some vaccine makers are claiming that a third vaccine is now necessary, although it doesn’t prevent anyone from getting COVID, nor prevent the need for a mask.

The powers that be do not care about the middle class on down. They do not care if you are on unemployment. Their pay checks come from large corporations… like big pharma.

The taxes that they unfairly levy on the working class is but a small portion of the overall expense of the Federal Government. Most of the money comes from import taxes and corporate deals.

Keeping us buying things is much more important than us actually producing goods and earning money. From a geo-political view point, the lock downs are simply a means of control. To get us used to the idea that a large government can enforce anything it wants on its people regardless of any foundation in truth.

The rich get richer, and poor are expected to die to make them even richer than rich.

What we are seeing here is a huge division of income. The lowest educated think it is a race thing, when in truth, it is an income thing. A poor white man has the exact same standing and influence as a poor black man. It means nothing to the elite. But this is a discussion for another article.

Thank you for reading.

~Olog the Ogre~


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