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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

In today's political climate, it is almost impossible to bring to light an issue this nation is facing without judgment from one side or the other. From infrastructure to border issues, it sure would be nice if we could talk about serious, potentially threatening issues that face our Great Nation without an agenda, without pointing fingers at who's fault it is.

In so many instances, it is simply too late to point blame. Lets just try to do something about it. Before all this crashes around our ears, lets try to come to some sort of common ground. Before we end up like Berlin during it's Communist Occupation years. Do we really want to see a wall split this nation in two? Because there isn't a Reagan or another United States out there to bring us together.

A common threat we face: I am sure you have heard of it, but if it doesn't worry you about the future of your children, then you need to re-evaluate your ability to plan ahead. China. China is a threat unlike this nation has ever seen it it's history. It makes the Axis forces of WWII look small and weak in comparison.

The following information is not written to cause fear. It is written with facts in order to bring home the seriousness of our reality on this planet.

I have a unique insight on Red China that not many Americans get to see. Dad, as one of the worlds leading Geodetic Surveyors of his time, while working for Chevron, was engaged in a world wide cooperative during the 80's to locate and define the worlds oil reserves. This effort allowed him into nations that are, by and large, off-limits to Americans. He brought home all types of notes and logs, and upon his recent death in 2019, I finally had access to these Surveyor Notes.

It is kind of like reading into the actual journey of Louis and Clarke as told by Louise and Clarke.

We all know that China is an Imperialistic Nation, but what we don't know about their culture is that it is the same Imperialistic culture that has existed since their very first Emperor, Huang, that was established in 221 B.C.

For longer than any other centralized government on Earth, they have managed to hang on to their history and culture. However, I do not type this in admiration - they are one step removed, culturally, from their blood sacrificing shamanistic ancestors. Cultural evolution in China has not progressed in 2000 years. That means, all those old school values are still very alive in China. It sounds romantic, but it isn't.

Though they no longer sacrifice young girls to their ancestors, what they do to their female infants today, in many respects, is far worse. They believe that their Emperor is the living embodiment of their first Emperor, Huang. As such, he is near a God in their eye's.

Most Red Chinese Loyalist's will have a shrine dedicated to the Emperor in their homes, if not in the village center. If you do not show your loyalty on a regular basis, especially if a Soldier is looking, it is considered grounds for immediate execution.

It is their fundamental belief that the world exists to serve their Emperor. Lets evaluate that very simple sentence. It is a core belief system that it is their divine purpose to serve their Emperor. They will literally do anything in his name. Every sort of crime against humanity is not considered to be wrong or "too far". From slave trade to World Domination-everything they do is to elevate the Emperor, and they have no ethical implications or hesitations in what they do.

After a basic understanding of what it means to be Red Chinese, lets take a look at some numbers that will bring to light their current status.

According to sources, by measure of our current agricultural technological ability, world-wide, this planet can sustain approximately nine billion human beings. (9B). Current world population = 7.8B. Yes, we are getting very close to mass starvation. Not here in America of course, but world-wide.

According to the latest census, America makes up a very small portion of that population at 329M. That is less than 5% of the worlds population.

China alone is 1.44B of that total number which places them at 18.5% of the worlds population.

Just to put that in terms we can understand easily, take 20 nickels and place one nickel on the land mass of North America. Now, excluding the Artic regions and anything more Northerly than the Canadian Tundra, and most of Africa due to the Sahara desert, put four nickels on China, and distribute the rest across the other land masses.

If you have a good map that displays terrain, avoid mountains and tundra regions. Note how much land we have for one nickel compared to how much land everyone else has for all the other nickels.

This is important to be able to envision, as I am about to explain further.

Of the 9.7 M sq km of land in China, only 1.4 M sq km is arable (suitable for farmland). This is only 14.4% of all their total land mass that can be farmed or ranched.

While America can use 50% of it's 9 Million square kilometers of available land. That's approximately 4.5 Million square kilometers that we could farm or ranch, if we needed too, which we currently don't.

That is triple the land available for farm use than China, with only 23% of their population. We are less than a quarter of their total numbers, with three times the available land to farm.

While Russia has suffered major population decreases over the past few decades, and has offered it's farmland to China, it isn't enough, according to various reports that I stumbled across while finding these numbers.

The average Chinese person is currently living on less than 2000 calories a day. Their population numbers and lack of farm land has left an environment where they have landfills full of the corpses of female infants, in favor of making room for males.

Note that while China is a bit larger than North America, not by much. They have more mountains and unusable land than we do, so it is a severe imbalance in the world.

I do not need to preach how much America consumes compared to the rest of the world. But it is a fact that cannot be ignored, because, like it or not, people are starving in the world while we live like fat cats and wait for the government to pay us. Even our homeless have an obesity problem. Yes, in a heartbeat, they would take it from us if they could, and here recently, it is looking more and more like they can.

By various sources compiled in 2016, we consume a whooping 30% of all the paper manufactured in the world. The Rain Forest's getting completely depleted? Yeah, that's all us. Makes one consider installing a bodae.

25% of all the oil drilled. 23% of all the coal mined. 29% of all the aluminum processed, and 23% of all the copper.

But how many oil fields, coal, aluminum and copper mines are here in America? Well, thanks to very strict environmental regulations - very very few. We are completely dependent on other nations for our metals other than iron and most of our oil.

Wow. Just consider that for a moment. Look at our map of nickels. Now take four quarters and place one on North America. This represents the world resources consumed. Try to spread the remaining quarters evenly around the other land masses with nickels. It cannot be done. Some area's will have a quarter and others will not. There simply isn't enough world resource to go around with our consumption rates.

Our lands are "virgin" in comparison to theirs. We haven't been farming the same lands for thousands of years. The nutrient content of American soil is off the charts compared to the rest of the world.

We haven't mined out our mountains, we haven't drained our oil fields. A very hungry and desperate world power is drooling over what we have. China is a Nation in Crisis, and it is looking more and more like the only solution they can employ is to take what they need.

"But we are 'Merica! We can kick their butts"! That is laughable. Has anyone checked on the status of our active duty military lately? Un-disciplined, over-weight, under-funded and lacking in numbers, we are definitely NOT prepared for an all-out invasion.

According to report produced by NORAD, in their annual simulation of assessing a WWIII scenario, we would lose to China in under two hours. This report was released by AmericanMilitaryNews.com. The link provided will lead directly to the article. Granted, that two hour scenario is if the invasion happens in ten years, but a time span that short is almost negligible. If they can do in 2 hours in ten years, by a simple probability and statistic calculation, they could do it in less than 24 hours, today.

China is on par with our technology, and the truth is, their Naval technology and numbers vastly outweigh ours.

They are the "Billion Man Army", while an entire Division worth of our fighting force is currently stationed at the Capital Building and the White House. The vast majority of our standing military is currently standing guard over other nations.

Many people are worried about this huge deficit that both sides have increased to an unimaginable level of debt.

How do we secure these loans to begin with?

They are loans that other nations are willing to provide based upon the American Population's ability to produce goods and sell them on a World Market.

This is why American Export is so insanely important that is so often glazed over when the news discusses the Market. It is a human debt that we currently owe to a hungry, Imperialistic, over-populated nation: China.

What happens when they get hungry enough to collect on that debt? Does anyone actually believe we could stop them? If more of us owned fully automatic guns... maybe. As it stands now, no. Not at all. We wouldn't be able to hold them off for even a full day.

It's no joke. It is not fear mongering. It is the hard math. The realistic numbers that an over-populated world faces. It is the uncomfortable and very real truth behind all the rhetoric. Russia will back China in a military move against the United States. Period.

We have been robbing the world blind for over a century. Yes - the world wants it back. They are hungry. And Human Beings are one of the few mammals that will eat its own.

Are we wrong to be the overindulgent nation that consumes everything? Probably, but as an American myself, my only concern is to defend what we have built. I am proud to be a large, loud mouthed American Capitalist, and I will die as one.

We cannot continue to support the relentless under-mining of American interests. Both parties have engaged in a war or retribution and ignore the very real World Crises that this nation faces, and this is merely the tip of the ice-berg of the current world status. 7.8Billion hungry people are about to crash down upon us as we are the last viable resource on Earth.

People like to talk about being "woke". I hope I was able to bring your attention to the world outside our bedroom windows.

~Olog the Ogre





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